Reach Your Retirement Goals With Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is headquartered in Austin, Texas and operates as an investment advisory firm. Wealth Solutions employ highly esteemed professionals to help you protect, manage and grow your assets. With tax laws changing constantly, there are a wide variety of beneficial financial products you may not know about. It can be extremely overwhelming to navigate through all of their complexities and stay current. The advisors at Wealth Solutions have helped business owners, professionals and executives with the tools to manage and protect their investments. They use a disciplined review and planning process that can preserve your assets and wealth. Each plan is tailored to the clients specific needs, whether it be retaining income in case of disability or death.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, is the founder and an independent financial advisor. He holds several qualified certifications including: a (CTS) Certified Tax Specialist, a (CAS) Certified Annuity Specialist, a (CFS) Certified Fund Specialist, a (CES) Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, a (CIS) Certified Income Specialist and a (RICP) a Retirement Income Certified Professional. Richard Blair has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. His focus is to provide an objective, and offer professional advice and implement financial strategies. Blair takes pride in serving the community of Austin, Texas and helping them achieve their financial goals.


Wealth Solutions follows a specific three step approach to assess their client’s current financial state and their retirement goals. Every plan is customized and tailored to each client’s unique needs. Step one: your advisors will identify your risk tolerance, strength and goals to come up with growth opportunities for you. Step two: your advisors will develop a strategy long-term, that meets your investment goals and liquidity needs. Richard Blair and his team, will help reduce the amount of risk during negative market periods, while maximizing your profits when the market is hot. Step three: the final step is determining your goals and establishing strategies that will help you reach them. He can work with you to find the best life insurance or long-term care insurance policies.


Richards as a young child, was able to see how teaching others can grow self confidence. He was highly influenced by his grandmother and mother whom both were teachers. Throughout college, he found a love for finance and then created Wealth Solutions in 1994. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He is married to his wife Joanne and has three children.


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Customer Testimonial Leads To Technology Initiative At Securus

Popular services and features are added to the Securus Technologies network through customer feedback on their website forum. Get more ways to save more of your hard earned money, but still stay connected over a secure network. Securus CEO and business professional, Rick A. Smith says, it’s important to include your customers in your network. When you include your customers they will refer your services to other users and rely on your telecommunication provider as a trusted network. He has began to push this initiative to other big name networks as a stable competitor with prices calculated $5 to $1.


Securus Technology Customers


You can visit their website and choose fromany customers referred services, but one tends to stand out more than others. The interactive remote visitation features gives you the convenience of visiting online. If you’ve been through the uncomfortable but necessary searches to visit an inmate, you’ll love visiting online for a small fee. You get a clear cor video monitor picture with superior sound with their Secure visitation download.


Trust Securus to keep you connected and join their exclusive family and save more. You’re invited to become a part of s reliable network.


Just Who Is Aloha Construction

If you aren’t from around the Midwest region of the United States, then you probably haven’t heard of a general contracting company named Aloha Construction. Headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois, this company has provides work all across Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Peoria, Lake Villa, Libertyville, Washington, Round Lake Beach, Bloomington, Round Lake, Tazewell, McClean and many more municipalities in the area have benefited from service. The prominent counties of Cook, DuPage and McHenry have all benefited from service. The company has been so successful to where it has a new office in the Bloomington, Illinois, area.

So what does Aloha Construction have to offer? The answer is very simple so keep reading. This contracting powerhouse provides the services of waterproofing, kitchen design, bathroom repair, roof cleaning, roof installation, flashing, window installation, window fascia repair, door installation, gutter repair, soffit installation, stucco installation, vinyl siding and numerous others. As you can, this pretty much covers most of the entire gambit, but there’s many more. Over 18,000 projects and counting have been fully-completed to the highest degree. Founder Dave Farbaky has turned his dream into a reality with this one. Its team of expert staff members are fully-trained across the boards, and they’re fully-tested before joining this exclusive club. What more can you ever ask for? On top of that, the company’s official website provides a boat-load of beneficial information that will help you along the process. It would be extremely hard trying to find another more thorough general contractor than this, and more information click here.

Aloha Construction is rewriting the rules with its progressive and efficient capabilities. The home improvement category has been revolutionized thanks to this brand. The company is so confident in its actions that it will offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all of its work. Who is Aloha Construction? Well, Aloha Construction is the epitome of home renovation at its finest.

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Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

Hearing is an important sense that people often take for granted. As individuals become older, their risks for developing some form of hearing problem increases every few years. Those aged 70 and higher are the majority group of hearing loss individuals. Sussex Healthcare is a care provider that provides many services to their elderly patients. Sussex Healthcare also provides supportive network providers in the community for individuals needing some healthcare services but not needing full time care.

Now, Sussex Healthcare is happy to announce that they are specializing in Audiology services too. In Partnering with the NHS, this competent healthcare provider now has the capabilities to provide those with significant hearing loss to obtain highly specialized care, support and groundbreaking new audiology services.


The hearing devices that Sussex Healthcare offers are significantly smaller in size, have finer tuned electronics options and deliver clear sound without aggravating background noises and frustrating interference. A person’s inner ear is a complicated system of very minute structures intended to work in tandem to allow an individual to hear. Vibrations are translated into the cochlea. This often described as resembling a snail formed structure picks up information to translate into nerve impulses. Tiny hairs move to capture the vibrations that become impulses from nerves sent further inside the ear. These nerve impulses then get sent and translated into an area of the brain called the hearing centre. The purpose of this intricate centre is to further translate the already passed on nerve impulses into the sounds an individual’s brain is designed to hear.

The field of audiology is a comprehensive network of researchers, hearing specialists, hearing device experts and other related jobs. Sussex Healthcare knows that hearing loss can be a frightening and devastating situation for their precious patients. Audiology is the study of balance and hearing problems or disorders. With this advanced service, Sussex Healthcare hopes to improve daily lives of their patients having hearing issues that affect their activities of daily living.

Sussex Healthcare prides itself on excellent customer care and offering highly specialized services. This audiology service is helping many receive effective hearing aids designed to enable better hearing with devices designed to provide normal sound levels. This service can also test for balance issues. Many older people complain of a constant ringing in their ears. This could be due to tinnitus. Sussex Healthcare provides tinnitus testing through their innovative audiology program.

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Betsy DeVos Strengthens Our Youth and Our Country

Mentorship stands the test of time as being one of the best ways to help another person reach their potential. A mentor holds the capability of turning your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths. While it remains true that we cannot always be taught in person by the one we want to emulate, the option of studying their lives is still available to us. One life that the girls of this generation would do well to study is the life of Betsy DeVos. DeVos has much to teach young women if they are humble enough to learn from her.


Betsy DeVos can teach young women the importance of starting off on a solid foundation. Just as a runner will have a harder time taking off in a patch of slippery mud, so will and a young girl who is trying to launch success off a shaky foundation. DeVos set a strong foundation for herself by attending both Holland Christian High School as well as Calvin College. These private institutions taught her how to impact the world. At Calvin College, she received a degree in Business Economics. This degree would be put to use as she advocated for her passion for education.


Betsy DeVos can also teach young women the importance of spreading one’s values. Everyone who is a success in this world has spread their values in one way or another. DeVos did that by serving the Republican Party by holding office. She was elected the Republican National Committeewoman by the state of Michigan in 1992. She served in this role for five years before leaving her seat. In 1996, the Michigan Republican Party elected her as Chairwoman, a role she filled for four years. She would again be elected to this role in 2003.


DeVos’ crowning achievement politically was her appointment to the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. She was appointed to this role because of her passion for school choice, school vouchers, and charter schools.


Betsy DeVos can also teach young women the importance of being generous which is especially true in a society that promotes selfishness. Betsy DeVos and her family have been ranked by Forbes as the 24th most generous family in America. DeVos supported organizations she believed in by giving them over $139 million.


Betsy DeVos can also teach young women the importance of starting something that matters. Betsy co-founded with her husband Dick the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The Foundation stands on Christian values and seeks to promote the ideals and virtues that make our country strong; namely, education, leadership, community, arts, and justice. Such foundations solidify what it means for this amazing country to be great.


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The Success of Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is the author of the leading investment industry newsletter, Profits Unlimited. The investment industry newsletter recently reached 60,000 subscribers, which has encouraged Paul to continue offering investment advice to readers every month. It is an eight-page newsletter that highlights different types of investments and explains why Paul recommends the investments, and Paul’s Website.

The success of Profits Unlimited

Many seasoned and amateur investors are interested in reading Paul’s advice because of his proven success in investments over the years. Paul invested $50 million to yield $88 million, gaining over 75 percent, which saw Paul win the investment competition known as Templeton Foundation. Paul Mampilly captured the attention of many aspiring investors and industry professionals because he invested in one of the worst points of the recession without sacrificing stocks. For that reason, the Profits Unlimited’s readers have trust in his advice, explaining why the magazine has been successful.

The other thing that has made the magazine successful is the fact that it gives detailed and useful information. Paul writes Profits Unlimited in an easy-to-understand manner, especially for a new investor. Paul’s passion for helping other investors to become successful is evident in each issue he publishes. The newsletter has been circulating for one year now, and the Banyan Hill Publishing is its publishers. Paul’s publishers can visit his website after receiving each newsletter. Paul picks one or two stocks from the recommended portfolio for analysis and weekly updates. On average, 85 percent of the stocks in the collection have been profitable consistently. Besides, one share recently increased by more than 150 percent.

Paul Mampilly empowers his readers instead of doing everything for them like traditional brokers. Paul teaches his readers to become smart investors by being responsible for setting up their brokerage accounts and using them. Investors trade their stocks, track information and update their portfolio as they learn from the Profits Unlimited website and newsletter. The best part is that the site is encrypted so that members can keep their information safe. Paul has committed customer service agents who know to help subscribers with any queries, and Paul Mampilly’s lacrosse camp.


About Paul Mampilly

For the past two decades, Paul has been a successful financial expert among Wall Street professional investors. He moved to the US from India where he career started at Deutsche Bank in 1991. He also worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland, explaining his rich background in account management.

Paul Mampilly retired at 42 years to spend more time with his family. However, he continues his legacy through the Profits Unlimited newsletter. Paul has won several prestigious awards and has appeared on several talk shows and television broadcasts, and his Linkedin.

Adam Milstein Helps Young Jews Connect To Their Roots

Giving Back To The Community

Adam Milstein wants to make sure that today’s Jewish youth stay connected to their roots and understand the plight of their people. He wants to accomplish this by having young Jewish college students talk about their history and spread awareness of what Jewish people have done overall. He understands the importance of making sure that they understand why they need to keep their Jewish identity and the importance of Israel to Jews across the world.


Keeping The Culture Alive

Adam Milstein is trying to preserve the culture of Jews through his nonprofit organization. Working through his foundation he has managed to give kids across the world the understanding of Jewish culture that they otherwise would not have themselves. His work has received praise from many individuals who like the way he informs young college students, but he wants to do so much more. He wants to keep the culture of Jewish people alive and he wants to help people better understand all of what that curtails. So far, his success overall seems to be fairly amazing. There is a real difference being made, and


Raising Awareness

Beyond simply helping Jewish students keep aware of their own culture, Adam Milstein is also working hard to make sure that non-Jewish students are fully aware of the culture of Jews and understand how to become allies to Jewish people. His work has helped Gentiles and other students understand the plight of Jews well enough to support the preservation of Jewish culture as well. There is a need for people across the world to know what the Jewish people have undergone and how they have prevailed. His plan seems to be carried out just fine, and


His Plan Carried Out

YOUNG Jewish students appear to be much more aware of their history than previous generations. There is a growing movement for Jews to keep their roots in mind. Adam Milstein knows this better than anybody else and he wants to do everything to help keep the Jewish traditions and culture alive for many years to come, and more information click here.


PodcastOne is the best trending advertisement station owing its establishment to Norman Pattiz. Norman with the help of Tom Webster studied the advertisement of brands done through Podcast before and after the product got released into the market. The research that was done with a lot of professionalism gave out some outcomes such as, above 60% of Podcast listeners gave a given grocery product. Before the product got presented on the market, only people below 7% were interested in it. It shows that PodcastOne has a lot of listeners thus making it the leading advertisement broadcast. The research also illustrates that the products which get advertised through Podcast get a lot of buyers thus portraying that the listeners have a lot of trust on this station. It has a unique way of providing product awareness because that’s where the C.E.O, Norman Pattiz has put his focus.

The station present acmes beyond 300hours of the initial program per week. Norman Pattiz who is the originator of PodcastOne has achieved in the leadership of radio production sectors for the digital world. He is still the creator of Westwood One that grew to be America’s prime radio station regarding news, showbiz, sports, dialogue and matters to do with the traffic systems. Podcast one has grown to be a stage for prominent celebrities such as Ron Paul and Dr. Drew Pinsky. Besides the high profile personalities, WestwoodOne has got an official listing of products such as NPR New York.

Norman’s leadership qualities have made him social, and he’s well known as Norm. His daily slogan is ‘keep your day fully packed happy and involved.’ Norm identified the openings that were there in the audio Inventions and started PodcastOne. It very fast became the prominent fabricator in acoustic programming. With Norm, his days are fully packed. He’s tangled in every sector of his concern which keeps him busy. To him application is everything. He puts down into action every idea that comes his way thus making him achieve a lot. Norm’s positive attitude towards every job has made him believe in his capabilities as a good leader. He has never had an average performance, so he has got nothing to regret when it comes to his performance.

He believes that to become a good businessperson one has got to do the homework of understanding the craft. Knowledge is hidden in books, and no one can outgrow learning no matter how successful one is. Learn more:


Mike Baur Success in Business Opportunity Identification

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has continued to mentor young businesses to their success. He is determined to seeing viable, and potential businesses thrive and succeed in the market. One of his key skills that he indulges to his clients is the motivation to succeed. As a person who left a lucrative employment in the banking sector, Mike Baur believes that success of any business is driven by the motivation that the business pioneer has. He has continued to motivate potential entrepreneurs on how to identify and utilize a job opportunity. He educates young and vibrant students on how to identify viable business opportunity.

Mike Baur as an entrepreneur who aims at assisting other entrepreneurs to succeed, he notes that there are various ways of identifying market opportunities. He notes that through assisting various clients in excelling in their businesses, he notes that there are many ways of identifying business opportunity given the passion and skills of the potential entrepreneur. One of the key things to understand about a business opportunity is that there must be an economic gap that any business tends to close. In this regard, the demand for whatever you want to offer must be high than the supply in the market. Mike Baur also notes that the demand might be created by innovative entrepreneurs. He says that one may produce new products that have not been on the market before and thus create a demand for the same.

Mike Baur advises the entrepreneurs to be innovative in identifying their business noting that if they produce what is already in the market, they will have a risk of losing the market to the competitors who have already garnered the market share of the product they are producing.

Mike Baur notes that some of the potential ways of identifying business opportunities are through passion. He notes that he started his Business incubator known as Swiss Start-up Factory because he had a passion for assisting businesses to thrive in the market. Another way of identifying a business is through vocational training. On this note, Mike Baur states that a tutor-trainee may start a school while an attorney may start a law firm. Other ways of identifying opportunities are through hobbies, through research and market studying. On this part, Mike Baur notes that creativity is very critical to ensure one identifies the best opportunity in the market under study.


Imran Haque – Compassionate Care

For well over 15 years Dr. Imran Haque has served the community of North Carolina. He has an exemplary medical record and a track record with patients that just won’t quit. Currently, he has two internal medicine practices across North Carolina. One in Asheboro and another in Ramseur. Both facilities provide specialized treatment for his patients. If anyone comes to him with a problem they come in confidence. The patients who regularly visit Dr. Imran Haque rely on his expert advice for preventative treatment and accurate diagnosis. As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Imran Haque takes pride in providing proper preventative care for his patients, lest anything disastrous happen and they fall ill. He does an excellent job keeping his patients safe and healthy and read full article.

In diagnosing his patients and providing the right preventative measures, Dr. Imran Haque will always look at their lifestyle first. He takes the entire picture of a person into perspective. An example would be the common need for weight loss (which prevents diseases like diabetes and heart failure). Dr. Imran Haque will take an inventory of the patient’s diet, exercise habits, and family history. He will question them and perform a physical inspection before prescribing any medication. When he does prescribe his patients medication, he will also recommend the optimum diet for their weight loss goals and maximum safety. He has successfully treated such diseases as elephantiasis, cancer, and obesity by utilizing this method.

Dr. Imran Haque has invested his life into helping others achieve their best health. His staff at Horizon Internal Medical Facilities enjoys the positive environment and appreciates his dedication. As a direct result, he receives a lot of business from the surrounding areas. This high amount of trust and support is a testament to his services. His reputation never fails to precede him and learn more about Imran Haque.

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