Brad Reifler is Scaling Higher With Forefront Capital, LLC

Brad Reifler is a hardworking middle-aged man. He is an American entrepreneur and a hedge fund manager whose goal is to make a difference in the financial sector. Brad is a partner CIFCO International Group as well as the founder, and the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC, an investment firm based in New York City. Formerly, Brad Reifler was the founder and the CEO of Reifler Trading Co., a Future company where he started his career in the year 1980.

Brad was able to achieve a lot in the financial sector, from reputation, experience, and a portfolio and many more qualities that made him find his way to the top. However, in the year 2000, he sold this company to one of the largest Future Company in the world Refco Inc. Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin University where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Finance.

In the year 1995, Brad started Paki Capital, a brokerage firm whose focus was on the Equity market. Reifler has a unique way of maneuvering in the financial sector, and with Paki Capital, Brad was able to come up with a strategy to increase hedge funds, something that helped him to acquire many clients.

He is a qualified hedge manager who has helped many people invest wisely, and has made many embrace investment and financial planning. He worked with Paki Capital for thirteen years, a period which the company experienced an immense growth in its customer base and profits. It managed to employ over 300 people and opened offices in 4 continents.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler is currently focusing on Forefront Capital LLC where he is working hard to make the company the best in the USA. Through his dedication and passion, the company has managed to open several subsidiaries where he is thriving to offer specialized products to capture the market.

Since its inception in the year 2009, Forefront has been providing high-quality products and has been able to attract registered investment advisers, reputable investment banks, and professional business leaders to its firm; all this has been possible because of Bradley Carl Reifler.

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The Work History of Dick DeVos and How He Champions Community Welfare through Charities.

Apart from being a passionate philanthropist, political player, and a committed community activist, Dick DeVos has been playing a significant role in managing the family business known as Amway Corporation which he joined in 1974. This is an American company that was founded in 1959 by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Its headquarters is in the township of Ada in Michigan State. The organization specializes in the pyramid or multilevel marketing to sell a range of goods, primarily in the beaut y, home care, and healthcare categories. As of 2016, its revenue turnover was estimated at $ 8.8 billion. The parent organization to Amway is called Alticor.


Dick DeVos is also the President and founder of another company specializing in the manufacture of clean energy known as Windquest, and he also runs the NBA franchise for Orlando Magic Basketball. His entrepreneurial skills aside, presently Dick DeVos is involved in a major community drive to reclaim the Macatawa watershed and restore the beauty of Lake Macatawa. In a campaign called Project Clarity, he is leading a team of community volunteers in a massive clean-up drive. This latest initiative is a clear indicator that he is committed to environmental conservation and cleanliness. What matters most to him is to help people lead quality lives by utilizing all their potentials. To this end, he inspires people from different educational, professional, and economic backgrounds to become Amway Business Owners by selling products manufactured by Amway to build their enterprises.


Although the interest he has in politics and the vast sums he frequently donates to political action groups attracts a lot of attention, the humanitarian missions he participates in are of more significance. Many institutions, schools, and colleges have greatly benefited from his generosity. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, he has channeled millions of dollars to these learning institutions- Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Potter’s House in Wyoming, Rehoboth Christian School in New Mexico, Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland, and West Michigan Aviation Academy.


The family also believes that the art and cultural heritage of every community matter a lot to the people, consequently, the couple gives huge donations to Arts and Culture. The contributions they provide are for the preservation of artifacts and developing effective management regimes for museums and cultural centers. In 2015 alone, Dick DeVos and his family raised over $2.4 million to support arts. It is notable that the charter institutions getting the family’s support mainly help students from poor backgrounds because of the great conviction DeVos has that every child has a right to gain knowledge from experienced tutors in institutions. The beneficiaries of these donations are publicized as a matter of transparency. Up to 2015, the family had donated $3 million.

CTRMA And The Chief Mike Heiligenstein Brings Quality Transport Solutions To Central Texas

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority generally known as CTRMA and its Chief Mike Heiligenstein played a crucial role in bringing better solutions to traffic issues of Williamson County and Travis. The authority has built a number of toll roads including 183-A and U.S. 290 East and ensuring proper maintenance.

CTRMA is an independently working government agency that is established in the year 2002 following a law passed by the state legislation. Over the years, the assets of the firm have grown to $1.8 billion. In the fiscal year 2015, the agency achieved an operating revenue of $55,814,033 against an expense of $38,135,309.

The governing board of CTRMA consists of seven members with six are white men and the remaining is an African-American woman. Interestingly, three members each are appointed by County Commissioners Court of Travis and Williamson. The Chair of the Board is appointed by the governor. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The agency is also innovative in assisting the travelers with various solutions. It introduced Highway Emergency Response Operator or HERO to help the stranded commuters to Interstate 35 and U.S. 183. In the year 2015, HERO helped nearly 14,500 stranded motorists by mostly removing debris from lanes, moving out the damaged vehicles, assisting travels by supplying water, etc. It has also come up with two applications to the help the travelers and drivers.

CARMA is a ridesharing app connecting drivers and commuters in the same route; Metropia incentivizes drivers for off-peak hours driving. Interestingly, the CTRMA Chief Mike Heiligenstein receives a better salary from the agency than Texas Department of Transportation Chief.

While the former received $366,112 in 2016, the later got only $299,812. The authority is also supervising the MoPac Improvement Project which is expected to reduce the congestion in North MoPac Boulevard.

As the Chief of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein played a crucial role in implementing the model of cashless electronic toll collection in all the projects. It started with his first project 183A, and that was considered one of the first fully electronic toll collection route in the country.

As an executive from the founding days, Mike played a crucial role in converting the agency into a major transportation infrastructure agency in Texas.

Mike also worked closely with Manor Expressway project along with MoPac Express Lanes. He is on the advisory board of a number of infrastructure firms and governmental agencies in the region. Heiligenstein also has experience of serving Williamson County as a public official for 23 years.