David McDonald, President of OSI Group Helps Grow A Global Network

According to David Mc Donald, President of OSI Group the largest of global organizations need to be local in the way they are run, as different nations have different regulations, work cultures and types of workers. So you have got to be able to factor in all of that as well as the food preferences of the people in question since OSI Group is a food company.

So what David McDonald OSI Group did was to ramp up by the simple expedient of putting in place local management teams attuned to local conditions and aspirations. What he has effectively done is to combine the efficiency of a global scale with the nimbleness of a locally managed business to obtain optimal results. OSI group has grown exponentially under his watch in the sense that it today has a presence in 17 countries where it has fifty facilities.

An area of marked growth for OSI has been China where it has been around for twenty years and has as many as eight facilities. China is their numero uno consumer market in the world in terms of is growth and certainly a top priority for OSI Group.

David Mc Donald’s stellar performance as President of OSI Group has to be seen in the light of his education and work background. An animal science degree holder from the Iowa State University and the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, he has also been Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods since 2008. A dyed in the wool industry man his strategic insight is much appreciated by the industry.

A case in point is the acquisition of the Baho Food a Dutch company that specializes in the manufacturing of meat products and other food items for the food service industry. Mc Donald green-lighted this takeover as it granted OSI Group a firm presence in the European market.

This is because Baho Food has plants both in Germany and Netherlands that are operated through its five subsidiary companies. That is the kind of strategic depth that McDonald brings to his business planning. Going forward you can expect him to take OSI Group to even greater heights.

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