Julie Zuckerberg: The Talent Acquisition Lead From Deutsche Bank

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most notable figures in the Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Industry. She is known to be one of the best recruiters in the city of New York and has placed countless people in jobs that were just right for them. Through her extensive career, Julie Zuckerberg has worked with numerous different companies in an array of various fields. Working with all these multiple kinds of areas if what has given her the experience she needed to be good at what she does. Because of this, she is also able to accurately identify what employees will be useful for which positions in the companies that comes to her. She has an eye for spotting great talent and can pick out the best from a lot which otherwise people would miss.


Julie Zuckerberg currently works at Deutsche Bank. At the bank, she is the head of the Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Department and has a set of employees that work under her. All of these employees are personally trained by Julie herself, who has taught them to be as efficient as she is at their job. With her team, she conducts all the recruitment procedures that the company needs during their hiring phases. She is the person who chalks up all the hiring plans for the company, while her team handles all the on-site recruitment’s on that day. She also assists the company in employee evaluations and helps them with whatever other Human Resource related needs that they might have.


At the company, she also conducts seminars and training programs for all those who work at Deutsche Bank. She trains them to be more efficient and gives them the guidance that they need to progress in their careers. She believes in motivating them to work harder so that they can climb the corporate ladder faster. But it isn’t just the employees that she tries to help. She also tries her best to help those who work in the top executive positions in the company. She is the head negotiator at Deutsche Bank and helps them with their executive decisions if need be.


Even though Julie Zuckerberg is one of the top level recruiters in the city of New York, the field of recruitment wasn’t always what she wanted to be in. When she decided to go to college, she initially thought of getting a degree in philosophy. She then thought of being a lawyer and decided to enroll in New York Law College. It was soon after graduating out of law college that she decided to get a job in recruitment. One of her first jobs was working as a recruiter to lawyers and other legal professionals. While working here, she placed numerous people into law firms across the city of New York.


Julie Zuckerberg is someone who is heavily focused on her career and believes in working hard to achieve her goals. She is a keen learner and believes in taking in as much as she can from every job and company that she works on.