PodcastOne is the best trending advertisement station owing its establishment to Norman Pattiz. Norman with the help of Tom Webster studied the advertisement of brands done through Podcast before and after the product got released into the market. The research that was done with a lot of professionalism gave out some outcomes such as, above 60% of Podcast listeners gave a given grocery product. Before the product got presented on the market, only people below 7% were interested in it. It shows that PodcastOne has a lot of listeners thus making it the leading advertisement broadcast. The research also illustrates that the products which get advertised through Podcast get a lot of buyers thus portraying that the listeners have a lot of trust on this station. It has a unique way of providing product awareness because that’s where the C.E.O, Norman Pattiz has put his focus.

The station present acmes beyond 300hours of the initial program per week. Norman Pattiz who is the originator of PodcastOne has achieved in the leadership of radio production sectors for the digital world. He is still the creator of Westwood One that grew to be America’s prime radio station regarding news, showbiz, sports, dialogue and matters to do with the traffic systems. Podcast one has grown to be a stage for prominent celebrities such as Ron Paul and Dr. Drew Pinsky. Besides the high profile personalities, WestwoodOne has got an official listing of products such as NPR New York.

Norman’s leadership qualities have made him social, and he’s well known as Norm. His daily slogan is ‘keep your day fully packed happy and involved.’ Norm identified the openings that were there in the audio Inventions and started PodcastOne. It very fast became the prominent fabricator in acoustic programming. With Norm, his days are fully packed. He’s tangled in every sector of his concern which keeps him busy. To him application is everything. He puts down into action every idea that comes his way thus making him achieve a lot. Norm’s positive attitude towards every job has made him believe in his capabilities as a good leader. He has never had an average performance, so he has got nothing to regret when it comes to his performance.

He believes that to become a good businessperson one has got to do the homework of understanding the craft. Knowledge is hidden in books, and no one can outgrow learning no matter how successful one is. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity