Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

Hearing is an important sense that people often take for granted. As individuals become older, their risks for developing some form of hearing problem increases every few years. Those aged 70 and higher are the majority group of hearing loss individuals. Sussex Healthcare is a care provider that provides many services to their elderly patients. Sussex Healthcare also provides supportive network providers in the community for individuals needing some healthcare services but not needing full time care.

Now, Sussex Healthcare is happy to announce that they are specializing in Audiology services too. In Partnering with the NHS, this competent healthcare provider now has the capabilities to provide those with significant hearing loss to obtain highly specialized care, support and groundbreaking new audiology services.


The hearing devices that Sussex Healthcare offers are significantly smaller in size, have finer tuned electronics options and deliver clear sound without aggravating background noises and frustrating interference. A person’s inner ear is a complicated system of very minute structures intended to work in tandem to allow an individual to hear. Vibrations are translated into the cochlea. This often described as resembling a snail formed structure picks up information to translate into nerve impulses. Tiny hairs move to capture the vibrations that become impulses from nerves sent further inside the ear. These nerve impulses then get sent and translated into an area of the brain called the hearing centre. The purpose of this intricate centre is to further translate the already passed on nerve impulses into the sounds an individual’s brain is designed to hear.

The field of audiology is a comprehensive network of researchers, hearing specialists, hearing device experts and other related jobs. Sussex Healthcare knows that hearing loss can be a frightening and devastating situation for their precious patients. Audiology is the study of balance and hearing problems or disorders. With this advanced service, Sussex Healthcare hopes to improve daily lives of their patients having hearing issues that affect their activities of daily living.

Sussex Healthcare prides itself on excellent customer care and offering highly specialized services. This audiology service is helping many receive effective hearing aids designed to enable better hearing with devices designed to provide normal sound levels. This service can also test for balance issues. Many older people complain of a constant ringing in their ears. This could be due to tinnitus. Sussex Healthcare provides tinnitus testing through their innovative audiology program.

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